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With THANKS to all the children and teachers that contributed to the project, shared their knowledge and enthusiasm or were engaged in this on-going adventure.

We thank to Francesco Aquilanti, Leandro Ventura, Francesca Montuori, Chiara Gallerani (IT), Anita Klein (HU), Irene Keizer (NL), Geert Six (BE), Špela Bratuša (SI), Julie Germain (FR), Pauline Stirling (UK), Sandra Prpic (HR), Dimitra Manousou (GR).

The project has been initiated and coordinated by Litouws Cultureel Centrum and is performed with the support of The European Commission and the Dutch Lithuanian Culture Centre.

"Multilingualism is the means to get a greater intercultural understanding; it is a key element in the rich cultural heritage of Europe.” European Commission